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GDC Implements Sitecore® Experience Platform™ to Launch Roofing Industry to New Heights

Industry: Manufacturing
Client/Market Size: 2,400 employees
Location: Carlisle, PA

Business Need

As a leader in the construction materials industry, Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) wanted to re-engineer their two largest brand websites, Carlisle SynTec and Versico Roofing Systems, from a 10-year-old platform to Sitecore®. As a trusted CCM vendor and Sitecore Silver Partner, GDC was the ideal IT Solutions Provider to collaborate with on this project to advance CCM’s use of technology while improving the overall user experience with their brand.

CCM needed to alleviate many challenges they faced with their current platform. Some key issues that CCM wanted this project to address and resolve included:

  • Cumbersome user experience
  • Search algorithms were very difficult to fine tune
  • Large development overhead and turnaround time for features
  • Content Management and the Marketing team relying on the Development team for implementation of marketing initiatives
  • Development team maintaining a library of many one-off components, pages, and sites

The overall objectives for the project were:

  • To engineer an experience to drive user engagement and generate new customer leads
  • To streamline the UX for searching through and assembling documents from CCM’s library
  • To consolidate a variety of complex web projects under one platform allowing for more efficient management, substantially improved marketing tools, and increased scalability throughout the organization

The Solution

GDC and CCM worked together in designing, building and deploying a multi-site web roadmap and solution on the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ in an XP scaled environment using Sitecore Helix, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Digizuite DAM asset management, and integrations with internal applications. The Sitecore implementation delivered a top-tier experience on a platform that is adaptable to accommodate the ever-changing demands of CCM’s user community.

GDC’s Sitecore-certified resources were able to work with CCM to bring two best-in-class websites to the marketplace. Leveraging Sitecore and other technologies, the team collaborated to greatly improve CX through a simplistic and intuitive design, along with architecture and back-end design that allowed for significant performance enhancements. The implementation also simplified maintenance of site content and marketing tools by reducing the amount of dependencies on the CCM’s marketing and development teams.

The Results

The vision for the implementation set to improve the lives of those in charge of maintaining site content and marketing tools by reducing the amount of dependencies on the development team, which with careful planning, ended up being a key win for the solution.

With the project implementation now complete, the marketing and business teams are more autonomous, the development teams are more productive, CCM is getting more meaningful marketing data and leads, and the end user base is increasingly happy with and accepting of the functionality and performance of the new websites.

The efficiencies of the Sitecore driven implementation have enabled CCM to get more value out of their application development activities. The CCM development team has more capacity to focus on new initiatives and enhancements since they need to provide less support for the sites. In estimation, CCM has saved $50,000 in development costs just this year.

The new CCM websites are yielding results that are extremely exciting for the business, especially considering the tough conditions in 2020. CCM is experiencing a 30% increase in overall page views on their featured product pages, while seeing exit and bounce rates drop 4% and 8%, respectively.

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