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Client Computing Services

Client Computing

Reduce Lifecycle Costs with GDC's Capabilities and Client Computing Support

Most businesses would state that one of their key objectives for increased profitability is to improve productivity. In other words, do more with less. In today's digital world, most employees utilize a computing device to accomplish their responsibilities. As a result, end-user computing devices must be optimally configured, network-attached and able to deliver the needed performance. GDC's experienced staff and industry-proven processes can help you reduce lifecycle costs and accelerate a return on investment with end-user computing devices.

Service Offerings

  • Desktop and laptop installation and/or support
  • Thin client installation and/or support
  • Smartphone support
  • Peripheral installation and/or support (printers, scanners, etc.)

Learn More About Our Proficient Technologies

  • Deskside Support: Having knowledgeable and skilled personnel that are able to quickly assess problems and execute remedial action improves end-user productivity and lowers operational expense. Deskside support covers the full spectrum of end-user computing devices, including: desktop computers, laptop computers, thin client devices, smartphones, printers, scanners, multi-function devices, displays, keyboards and mice.
  • Device Standardization: With such a vast hardware and software selection for end-users, it has become a daunting challenge to maintain a standard and secure profile. By standardizing on common hardware and software components, you can realize lower support and acquisition expenses, improve productivity for the end-user, and achieve rapid deployment of new devices while maintaining the control required for data protection.
  • Patch Management: In today's network-centric world that encompasses electronic connectivity beyond company walls, it is imperative for companies to have a robust patch management system in place to thwart the risks of malware, viruses, spyware, software vulnerabilities and other techniques used to compromise data and systems. A consistently applied patch management strategy reduces the likelihood of a data compromise, improving your company's security posture and brand protection.
  • Anti-virus Management: Anti-virus software is a requirement for protecting computers against breaches. Proper anti-virus software management is critical in keeping computers up-to-date with the most recent releases. Protecting your computers with a sound anti-virus strategy will ensure your end-users of computer systems will remain productive.


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