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Hosting Services – Fully Managed Business Systems by GDC

Hosting Services

GDC Keeps Your IT Systems Operating at Peak Performance

GDC offers off-site and on-site operations tailored to your specific business environment and long-term needs. Regardless of your industry, your IT system must operate at its peak performance in order to keep your business running optimally. GDC's services make it easy. We understand operational efficiency — we practice it everyday. GDC enhances the speed and the efficiency of accessing vital information. By connecting people, business systems and computer networks, we allow you to communicate and share information seamlessly.

Colocation Services

GDC offers reliable colocation services (rack space, power, bandwidth, secured Internet connectivity and network connections for customer provided equipment) with reliable on-site customer monitoring and support. We enable cross-connectivity between your colocated hardware and your private network or with servers we manage for you. Management options such as OS system support and maintenance, data backup management, and remote technical support services extend your colocation capabilities. GDC has multiple locations to support splitting production and disaster recovery environments.

Managed Hosting Services

Our skilled engineers and technicians will work with you to design and deploy the hardware and network components that your IT operations require, giving you the freedom to focus on your business. Security and redundancy are paramount in our network deployment. GDC can also provide daily reporting based on customized Service Level Agreements.

Virtual Hosting Services

GDC can deploy virtual machines that run safely and more effectively across shared hardware. This gives you the power to consolidate servers and reduce data center operating costs. We keep your systems functioning with robust reliability and data failover protection. This ensures that you will have reduced planned and unplanned downtime, reduced cost and complexity of high availability and simplified disaster recovery. By utilizing virtual hosting, you can establish software lifecycle automation to improve software quality and rapidly equip machines.

GDC Dedicated Virtual Hosting Includes

  • High Capacity with On-Demand Growth
  • Redundant Server, Storage and Network Environment
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring, Management, Service and Support
  • Managed Physical Platform to Virtual Platform Migration

Secure and Easy-to-Use Website Hosting

GDC understands the need for a website hosting service that offers access to your information with ease and simplicity — backed by the personalized customer service of our expert team. Our off-site operations are tailored to your specific business environment and long-term needs.

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