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Protect Your Systems with GDC Network Security Services

Network Security

Make Security the Responsibility of the System, Not the User

Network security is the backbone of a healthy infrastructure. In today's Internet age, most companies' chief concern surrounds security. Security touches all facets of IT architecture, from Internet facing servers, internal servers, end-user devices and other platforms that house data or a businesses information assets. Having a well-designed firewall as a single point of security is no longer adequate to protect against the sophisticated threats that exist today. Rather, a multi-layered model of policy, hardware and software is needed.

Business Benefits

  • Reducing the chance of data leakage and loss
  • Protecting your company's brand
  • Protecting your customers' information
  • Improving your compliance position with government regulations
  • Minimizing business disruption

GDC Security Services

  • Security Assessment: A detailed examination of your organization's security posture. This includes personnel interviews, review of current security policies and procedures, network scans, vulnerability scans and penetration testing. The deliverable includes a comprehensive analysis of assessment findings with recommendations to mitigate exposures.
  • Firewall Configuration: A properly designed and configured firewall is a must-have in today's economy. A firewall is an organization's first line of defense against electronic threats and potential loss of valuable company information.
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection: Intrusion detection and protection software is a complementary technology to a company's firewall. It provides a multi-layered security architecture that defends against intrusions or attacks that penetrate beyond a firewall.


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