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Large-Scale Hardware Deployment

Large Scale Hardware Deployment

Deploy Systems Faster with Services that Reduce Cost & Demands on your IT Staff

PC deployments can be complicated, disruptive and costly. Manual processes are too labor-intensive and images and applications are often not well-managed or controlled. Adding operating system and data migration further complicates the impact on the: organization, infrastructure, hardware, software, image management and deployment. Service desk calls tend to spike as end users require support following a deployment or migration. As a result, efficiently deploying PCs or migrating to a new OS, requires extensive planning and project management which is difficult to apply because most of the time, these activities come in consolidated bursts which divert IT resources to tasks that are not intuitive.

GDC offers an end to end service designed to speed deployment time, save money, and provide comprehensive planning and project management solutions.

Service Offerings

  • Image Management
  • Hardware Customization
  • Installation
  • Data Migration
  • Asset Recovery

GDC Manages the Entire Process of Deployment

Whether you execute large scale roll-outs or need help managing run-rate deployment on an as needed basis, GDC manages the entire process of deploying new PCs or an OS. We can handle all of the logistics, by applying proven delivery and staging processes: from site surveys and asset discovery to order consolidation and pre-installation testing. We follow through with coordination of deployment resources with equipment delivery and removal of packaging, to final handover and project closure.

  • Schedule: GDC uses tools to assist with scheduling deployments, whether simple or complex. We can improve efficiency and reduce both costs and risks by coordinating site readiness with user pre-deployment tasks, efficient equipment delivery and staging, user training, deployment tasks, end-user sign-off and handover to operational support. Status reporting performs a vital role in scheduling, ensuring implementations remain on track and within budget.
  • Configure: Your end users will have a PC on which the correct image and applications have been loaded and each unique user’s data has been migrated. And, much of that work is executed before the PC ships.
  • Delivery and staging: Carefully planned delivery and staging, either on-site or off-site, ensures efficiency of process and reduces failed installations, thereby keeping the project on schedule and reducing disruption to end users. Storage problems can also be overcome, protecting your assets and ensuring business and environmental compliance through quarantine of assets, removal of packaging and environmental disposal or value recovery of below-specifi cation systems.
  • Pilot and Review: An essential part of any deployment is testing of all elements of the agreed approach to reduce the risk of compromising a successful outcome for the project and to identify areas for improvement. GDC's approach is designed to ensure all areas are reviewed, with any lessons learned fed back to improve the approach and the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • Deploy: Wherever possible, deployment tools may be used to automate decisions, minimize manual steps and customize the PC at the destination which also reduces network traffic. If manual intervention is required, processes will be documented, tested and signed off to ensure consistency of approach. Consideration is given to the level of user intervention, interaction and disruption to ensure the deployment approach fits your requirements. This can be after normal working hours, and maybe integrated with a formal training and communications program. Tools are available to assist with user and data migration if needed. Finally, we can provide post-deployment support for your end users to help relieve demand on your service desk.

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