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Women in Technology and Leadership Series

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About the Host

Christa Kennedy, Business Development Manager

Christa Kennedy
Join Christa Kennedy, Business Development Manager for GDC IT Solutions for a series of Lunch and Learn webinars focusing on Women in Leadership. Christa Kennedy has thrived in the world of sales, navigating deals, building relationships, and witnessing firsthand the power of strong leadership. But throughout this journey, one thing has remained constant: the importance of self-reflection for continued growth. Each month, Christa invites women in leadership to speak to a diverse group of individuals from all levels of business for an interactive session on self-reflection and leadership.

Christa has worked in IT as a client solutions and account executive for over 20 years. She is an adept relationship builder, with a proven ability to provide successful technical solutions and strategic planning to her customers in a range of areas including Application Development, Service Desk, Staffing, and other IT offerings. Christa has a Bachelor of Science Degree specialized in Communications from the University of Maryland.

About GDC IT Solutions

GDC IT Solutions (GDC) is a Premier IT Service Provider Established in 1995.

With our approach, experience, and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to solve your most complex IT challenges — helping you manage IT today and transform the future.

GDC helps your business navigate through the technology landscape to yield results. We have a proven record of successfully managing the design, implementation, delivery, and ongoing improvement of a broad range of IT services and solutions. GDC has experienced consistent growth and success for our customers by concentrating on three fundamental business principles – employing the best talent, exceling in the delivery of technical services, and focusing on customer satisfaction.

By deploying these principles, we have retained a strong, loyal customer base and expanded our in-house technical talent dramatically. From the first introduction, we go the extra mile to deliver customer service and success for your business. Whether you prefer a 100% outsourced solution or need to augment your in-house IT resources for a specific project, GDC serves as your premier IT solution partner.

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