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Ensuring Security with FedRAMP: Service Desk as a Service and Cloud-Based Solutions

Keith Faulkner, Director, Service Delivery

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GDC FedRAMP Compliance for Cloud Services

Cloud-based services have become integral to operations across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and education. Ensuring these services meet stringent security standards is critical, and that’s where FedRAMP compliance comes into play. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services used by federal agencies.

What is FedRAMP Compliance?

FedRAMP compliance establishes uniform security requirements for cloud service providers (CSPs) to ensure that government data is protected from cyber threats. By streamlining the assessment process, FedRAMP makes it easier for CSPs to gain approval for federal use while maintaining high-security standards. This program reduces the time and cost associated with security assessments and ensures continuous monitoring to maintain compliance.

Importance of FedRAMP Compliance

FedRAMP compliance is vital for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Security: It ensures that cloud services adhere to rigorous security standards, safeguarding sensitive data from breaches.
  • Standardization: Provides a consistent approach to security assessment across federal agencies, improving efficiency.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Streamlines the approval process, reducing the time and cost for CSPs.
  • Trust and Assurance: Federal agencies can rely on FedRAMP-authorized services, knowing they meet high-security standards.

Levels of FedRAMP Compliance

FedRAMP categorizes cloud services into three impact levels based on the sensitivity of the data they handle:

  • Low Impact: For systems where data loss would have limited adverse effects.
  • Moderate Impact: For systems where data loss would have a serious adverse effect.
  • High Impact: For systems where data loss would have severe or catastrophic effects, typically involving the most sensitive data.

Service Desk as a Service within FedRAMP Compliance

At GDC, we provide Service Desk as a Service (SDaaS) within the FedRAMP-compliant environment of AWS GovCloud. This service is specifically designed for organizations requiring stringent security standards. Our Amazon Connect Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) within GovCloud ensures that conversations are securely recorded in the cloud, with no data housed by us. GovCloud’s designation as a FedRAMP authorized solution means it meets the highest security standards required by federal agencies.

FedRAMP Compliance in AWS and Microsoft Azure

Amazon’s AWS GovCloud and Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC) or GCC High offer FedRAMP-compliant solutions. While both GCC and GCC High meet FedRAMP standards, GCC High is tailored for organizations handling Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). As contractors, we typically do not have access to CUI, but having FedRAMP certification demonstrates a commitment to exceeding basic security qualifications.

Benefits of FedRAMP Compliance for Various Industries

Healthcare FedRAMP compliance goes beyond HIPAA requirements, providing enhanced security for protected health information (PHI). This additional layer of protection ensures that patient data remains secure, maintaining trust and regulatory compliance.

Finance Financial institutions manage large amounts of Protected Personal Information (PPI) and Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI). FedRAMP compliance ensures this sensitive data is protected, safeguarding customer information and meeting regulatory standards.

Education Educational institutions handle significant amounts of sensitive data, including student records, financial information, and research data. FedRAMP compliance ensures this data is secure, supporting trust and regulatory compliance within the education sector.

Why Choose GDC for FedRAMP-Compliant Services?

GDC is dedicated to providing FedRAMP-compliant services that meet the highest security standards. Our Service Desk as a Service within AWS GovCloud ensures secure, recorded conversations, protecting sensitive data without storing it ourselves. By partnering with GDC, federal, state, and local organizations, as well as government contractors, can ensure their cloud-based services meet stringent FedRAMP compliance requirements.

Concerned about PPI or HIPAA? Our service desk operates within a FedRAMP-authorized cloud solution, providing peace of mind for organizations handling sensitive data.


FedRAMP compliance is essential for organizations dealing with sensitive data, offering enhanced security, standardization, cost-effectiveness, and trust. Whether in healthcare, finance, education, or other sectors, FedRAMP ensures that cloud-based services meet rigorous security standards. Partner with GDC to leverage our FedRAMP-compliant solutions and protect your data while maintaining regulatory compliance.

For more information on FedRAMP and its benefits, visit the FedRAMP Marketplace.

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