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GDC IT Solutions (GDC) is a Premier IT Service Provider Established in 1995.

With our approach, experience, and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to solve your most complex IT challenges — helping you manage IT today and transform the future.

GDC helps your business navigate through the technology landscape to yield results. We have a proven record of successfully managing the design, implementation, delivery, and ongoing improvement of a broad range of IT services and solutions. GDC has experienced consistent growth and success for our customers by concentrating on three fundamental business principles – employing the best talent, exceling in the delivery of technical services, and focusing on customer satisfaction.

By deploying these principles, we have retained a strong, loyal customer base and expanded our in-house technical talent dramatically. From the first introduction, we go the extra mile to deliver customer service and success for your business. Whether you prefer a 100% outsourced solution or need to augment your in-house IT resources for a specific project, GDC serves as your premier IT solution partner.

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Our Vision Statement

It is our vision that customers will partner with us as their IT services provider and that we focus on customer relationships and sensible solutions as much as technology.

Our Core Purpose

To provide technology and business solutions to support companies of all sizes with integrating new IT services while maintaining the existing systems in use today.

Our Core Values

Professionalism, accountability, integrity, innovation, and service oriented. These values drive how we conduct business and have made our company successful.  We will continue to support our success as a global company that delivers unparalleled service to our customers.

Professionalism. We embrace a culture of unwavering professionalism, upholding the highest standards of conduct through our work, communication, and collaboration. We take pride in our knowledge, expertise, and dedication to continuous improvement.

Accountability. We believe in taking ownership of our actions and results, taking ownership of our commitments, promises, and deliverables. This approach builds trust with our clients, our partners, and our fellow colleagues.

Integrity. We honor the trust our clients invest in us by conducting ourselves with honesty, and transparency. These ethical principles drive our relationships and our incredibility.
Innovation. We thrive on embracing cutting-edge solutions for challenges, continuously pushing boundaries, thinking creatively, and discovering the power of technology to transform.
Service-Oriented. We put the client at the center of everything we do. We take the time to comprehend each client’s unique needs before delivering tailored IT solutions to drive their success.
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A History of Growth and Expansion

GDC formed to provide application services to enterprise companies in central Pennsylvania in 1995. Today, we serve customers around the clock and around the globe.

It is quite a milestone for a business to keep its doors open for a quarter century, especially in a rapidly evolving and competitive industry like ours. Thank you to our loyal clients for trusting us as your technology partner. Without your commitment to our business, we would not be where we are today. We look forward to continuing to serve you for many more years to come.

Welcoming Companies to Join Our Team

To date, GDC has acquired multiple organizations to extend our footprint, broaden our portfolio of services, and expand customer accounts.

To complement our future investments in organic growth, GDC will continue to seek additional merger and acquisition opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about our strategy and the opportunity to have your company become part of GDC. We deem all inquiries confidential.

Featured Technology Partners

We partner with some of the best known and highest rated brands in the industry to deliver the best technology solutions for your business.