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Remote Backup Solutions for Small-Medium Business

Remote Backup Services with Data Protection by GDC

Remote Backup Services

Constant Protection with GDC's Backup Service

All too often, we see businesses that don't know they are not being backed up correctly — or at all — until it's too late. Backups are foundational for today's IT environments, so having a reliable, robust and easily managed solution is essential to ensure that your IT infrastructure can be recovered. It is critical to partner with an IT service that addresses multiple forms of loss. Is it a workstation or is it a server that needs a restore? Is a bare metal restore required? Is it a physical device that needs to be brought online quickly in a virtualized environment? Consider these possibilities when choosing a backup solution, rather than waiting until disaster recovery becomes a crisis. Choose GDC and stay proactively protected.

GDC offers real-time automated disk remote backup, disk imaging and bare metal restore for Windows servers and workstations. GDC's backup solution creates an image of the entire system state, including operating system, business applications, user settings, drivers and data — unlike conventional file-based only products. With this system, GDC administrators have the framework to completely rebuild a downed system in less than an hour.

Fully-Automated Remote Backup Software in Real-Time

GDC performs your backups regularly and reliably, taking the responsibility out of the hands of the end user and into the hands of trained IT professionals. Administrative management of the entire process from a central location eliminates the need to physically visit each backed up system. Depending on your needs, GDC can schedule full and incremental backups or conduct them on demand through the intuitive interface. All processes are automated and occur when scheduled.

Fully-Automated Off-Site Replication

After the creation of a backup, replication technology automatically copies the images to a safe and secure off-site facility that is geographically separated from the main data center. This ensures that the remote backup images can be replicated to replacement equipment quickly in case of a major data center loss — such as a flood, fire or natural disaster — allowing companies to get back to business as usual as fast as possible. The completely automated process eliminates the need for an administrator or member of the business staff to remember to take media home or drop it off at a storage facility.

Fast, Efficient Recovery

GDC's backup solution ensures fast and easy recovery of data, allowing businesses the peace of mind of knowing they will be able to bounce back quickly following a major data loss event. The solution enables point-in-time recoveries to the last backup so that systems remain up-to-date with the latest settings and data set.

Our administrators have the ability to completely restore a system from the ground up in less than an hour using an intuitive, bare metal restore process. They can also remotely mount drive volumes for more granular recoveries.

Universal Restores

One of the hardships of disaster recovery can be difficulty finding similar replacement equipment. GDC's backup solution allows systems to be restored to dissimilar hardware or even virtual machines. This versatility eliminates procurement and interoperability factors when trying to quickly return to business as usual.


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