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Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform

As one of the most widely used productivity suites, you may already use Microsoft 365 for your business. But has your company implemented and seen the true benefits of Microsoft Power Platform? Its tools offer benefits and conveniences to organizations of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large, enterprise businesses.

Have you ever considered adding Microsoft Power Platform to your suite of business tools?

Consider the following questions:

  • Would it be beneficial to you and your business to have a dashboard with everything included in real time vs. having to run a report to see analytics?
  • Would it be beneficial to automate manual processes taking days, weeks or even months out of your day?
  • Do you need to perform a task specific to your business, but cannot find an application that covers all your needs?

With Microsoft Power Platform you can find a solution to all these situations and more. It allows businesses to easily create applications and automate processes without requiring extensive coding knowledge. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. And Power Platform can integrate with other Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365, providing a seamless experience for users.

Microsoft Power Platform’s Powerful Suite of Business Tools Includes:

Power Apps

A platform for building custom business applications without requiring extensive coding skills. Create tailored solutions for your business and its unique needs, solutions that might not be available from ready-made software. Power Apps can also be integrated with other Microsoft tools. Get Started woth Power Apps.

Power BI

A suite of business analytics tools for reviewing data and sharing insights. Transform data collected from multiple sources into visually appealing, easy-to-understand reports which you can then share across your organization. Power BI also offers real-time data monitoring and alerts. Get Started with Power BI.

Power Automate

A tool for automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows across different applications and services. Tasks that could be automated could include data entry, approvals, notifications, and more. Power Automate also works with applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Salesforce and others. Take a Guided Tour of Power Automate.

Power Virtual Agents

A no-code chatbot builder that allows businesses to create custom chatbots for customer service and support. Integrate AI chatbots that can answer common customer inquiries, process orders, and even perform basic troubleshooting tasks. This provides excellent service while also freeing up time. Try a Demo of Power Virtual Agents.

What Are The Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform?

Number 1: Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

By automating time-consuming tasks, Power Platform enables employees to dedicate efforts to other essential job responsibilities. This reduces errors, improves data accuracy, and increases the quality of work output.

Number 2: Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

The platform’s easy-to-use tools enable team members to share data and insights, leading to better communication and collaboration. By streamlining information and insights, team members are better equipped to make informed decisions toward business goals.

Number 3: Enhanced Data Analysis

Enhanced Data Analysis

With Power BI, businesses can access valuable insights from their data to make data-driven decisions and achieve better results. Without the right tools to analyze and interpret this data, it can be difficult to make informed decisions.

Number 4: Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Power Apps allows businesses to develop personalized applications that fit their unique requirements, without the need for advanced coding expertise. Create applications without hiring specialized developers or investing considerable time and resources into coding, saving time and money.

Number 5: Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

With Power Automate, businesses can streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks to decrease errors; saving valuable time. Automating tasks can free up resources important for other areas of the organization.

Number 6: Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service

Power Virtual Agents can help businesses provide faster, more personalized customer service, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal patrons. They will leave positive reviews and ratings, which will help improve a business’s reputation and attract new customers.

Number 7: Greater Agility

Greater Agility

Thanks to its adaptable and personalized tools, Power Platform empowers businesses to swiftly adjust to changing market conditions. Create custom applications and make changes to workflows and processes with ease without the time and resources needed for custom development.

Number 8: Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance

Power Platform offers built-in security and compliance features, enabling businesses to maintain regulatory compliance while using the platform. Meet regulatory requirements and protect sensitive data. Non-compliance can result in legal consequences, financial penalties, damage to reputation, and loss of customer trust.

Number 9: Cost Savings

Cost Savings

With Power Platform, businesses can reduce the need for expensive third-party software. This results in significant cost savings over time that could be used to support other important initiatives, such as research and development, marketing, or expansion.

Number 10: Increased Innovation

Increased Innovation

Power Platform can promote a culture of innovation within an organization by enabling employees to create their own applications and workflows. Innovation leads to better ideas, products, or services, and improvements to existing processes or workflows.

Looking to Integrate Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform?


Work with GDC to drive your roadmap to success. We analyze how you do business and how your business could improve and benefit from Microsoft Power Platform. Your dedicated GDC visionary will review the processes that drive the business forward. Next, we will identify key data in disparate systems, review existing processes, and define automated improvements.

Each customer receives a personalized roadmap and proof of concept to show the value of Microsoft Power Platform. If you wish to implement the roadmap, GDC will quote the services outlined in your roadmap for consideration.

Contact GDC for help in implementing and integrating Microsoft Power Platform for your organization.

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