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IT Abbreviations & Acronyms: Comprehensive Glossary

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There are currently 7 acronyms in this directory beginning with the letter Z.
Zeus Trojan
Zoned-Bit Recording
Zero-Based Thinking
ZIF Socket
Zero Insertion Force Socket
Z Object Publishing Environment
Zimmermann Real-Time Transport Protocol
ZV Port
Zoomed Video Port

A quick reference guide for Information Technology (IT) related acronyms and abbreviations.

As a service to IT personnel everywhere (and also for ourselves) we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of IT-related acronyms and abbreviations.

Acronyms can be pronounced as words, like NASA and UNESCO; as individual letters, like FBI, TNT, and ATM; or as both letters and words, like JPEG (pronounced JAY-peg).

Abbreviations formed from a string of initials and usually pronounced as individual letters are more specifically called initialisms or alphabetisms.

No matter how you refer to these IT-related terms, please use our quick reference guide or search TechTerms.com to help decode the world of IT abbreviations and acronyms.

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