Biggest IT Issues Facing Companies Today

How Managed IT Can Help Businesses Overcome Their Challenges

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New technological advances are constantly hitting the market, making information technologies (IT) a major part of business operations across all industries. Though businesses rely heavily on IT in their daily work, they often struggle to address IT issues in their organizations.

While every company experiences problems in IT, they must respond to these issues promptly to prevent business damage. Whether a company encounters something as minor as poor internet connectivity or as major as data security vulnerabilities, it must take the appropriate measures to solve these issues to prevent long-term impact.

This guide will discuss some of the biggest IT issues companies face, why they matter, and how to solve them.

Why Should You Care About Common IT Problems?

Though every organization experiences IT issues, that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. Left unaddressed, IT problems can go beyond inconvenience and lead to large-scale interruptions that can impact business operations and profitability.

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Letting IT issues linger can have the following effects on businesses.

Lost Productivity

IT problems like internet outages and system glitches can significantly slow a company’s internal operations. When staff members spend time and effort handling computer issues, they can’t focus on core business tasks. As a result, productivity goes down, leading to financial losses.

Security Breaches

Unresolved IT issues put businesses at risk for security breaches. Unsecured networks are easy for hackers to attack, enabling them to access sensitive information like business data, financial details, and personally identifiable information (PII). Without the proper cybersecurity measures, companies may fall victim to attacks resulting in financial losses, liabilities, and reputational damage.

Dissatisfied Customers

IT problems don’t just affect your business — they also impact your customers. Technology issues disrupt the customer experience, leading to poor service. As a result, customers may become frustrated, preventing them from pursuing repeat business. They may also voice their frustrations to friends, family, or social media, deterring other customers from coming to you for goods or services.

Most Common IT Problems Affecting Companies

While businesses’ IT problems vary, many of them share similar interruptions. Common IT issues that impact organizations include:

  • Poor network security: Network security measures are crucial for businesses big and small, protecting them from cybersecurity threats like phishing attacks and malware. Companies must be proactive about their cybersecurity with measures like multifactor authentication, firewalls, and password best practices.
  • Lack of qualified personnel: Many businesses lack the IT expertise necessary to resolve technical issues effectively. Inexperienced IT departments that don’t have the knowledge to fix common problems hamper productivity and cost companies money.
  • Outdated technologies: Businesses with outdated technologies experience operational inefficiencies caused by slow systems and a lack of compatible resources. Updating IT equipment is crucial for staying competitive in your industry.
  • No data backups: Factors like power outages, equipment malfunctions, and human error can lead to data loss. Companies without a disaster recovery plan or data backups may be unable to restore this information, resulting in significant financial damage.
  • Unreliable internet connectivity: Employees must have complete access to the internet at all times to maintain performance and efficiency in the workplace. Organizations with an unreliable internet connection experience reduced productivity, poor customer service, and low morale.

Solutions for Your IT Issues

One of the most effective ways to overcome problems in IT is by outsourcing your IT to a managed services company. When you transfer your IT responsibilities to a knowledgeable and experienced service provider, you can focus on your core business operations while your IT problems are handled.

Anywhere your IT is lacking, a dependable managed services provider can fill in the gaps by providing a wide range of services such as:

You can gain the freedom to run your business while ensuring proactive IT management with managed IT services from GDC. We give our customers access to our team of highly skilled professionals while offering scalable solutions tailored to their unique needs. Businesses can get the most out of their technologies by choosing from our four managed IT support services:

  • Fully managed IT services: We create customized service plans geared to each customer’s needs for a predictable monthly fee.
  • Business application support: We’ll support your entire business application life cycle from conception to disposal while working directly with your vendors.
  • Proactive service monitoring: Our technicians will monitor your systems around the clock and deliver emergency response when issues arise.
  • Operating system support and maintenance: GDC will perform administrative functions, maintenance services, and performance enhancements for your operating systems.

Seek Professional Help for Your IT Challenges at GDC

You can identify and resolve your biggest IT challenges with services from GDC. We pride ourselves on maintaining the best technical talent and adapting to our customers’ needs to deliver exceptional quality of service.

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