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240 acres of Pennsylvania Wilds in Landisburg, PA

Lodge Event Opportunities

GDC offers a special opportunity to our most valuable clients that includes the ability to escape the monotony of the office, refresh, and bring your team closer together.

A beautiful property in Landisburg, PA, The Lodge features a picturesque patio overlooking 240 acres of the Pennsylvania Wilds. The expansive space comfortably accommodates at least 40 people, so your entire team is welcome to come along.

The surrounding property includes numerous hiking and ATV trails, air hockey, ping pong, cornhole, trap shooting, and plenty of space for team-building activities. GDC will cater to your needs to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Breakfast options, catered lunches and dinner are all included depending on the length of your visit.

Do you have pressing matters to discuss with your colleagues? We invite you to bring them out to The Lodge for administrative retreats instead of the local conference room. This opportunity is the perfect way to boost morale and show your team just how valuable they are.

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Address: 739 Polecat Road, Landisburg, PA, 17040

Join Us at the GDC Lodge in Landisburg, PA

739 Polecat Road
Landisburg, PA, 17040


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