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GDC Provides White Glove Support with Hardware Deployment Services for Public School District

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Carlisle Area School District (“Carlisle”) is a K-12 public school located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Currently serving approximately 5,000 students, Carlisle is committed to providing all students with educational and leadership opportunities to develop their full social and intellectual potential. By accepting and meeting the challenges of personal responsibility, students are able to become contributing members of a diverse society.

The Business Need

Carlisle needed to upscale IT resources during a short period of time and streamline the receipt of student devices for buying cycles prior to a new school year.

GDC partnered with existing IT staff to track device shipments, inventory devices to ensure items were not missing in the shipment, and apply asset tags with serial numbers and service tag numbers correlated into a single digital file for importation into existing processes.

Carlisle also utilized GDC’s delivery service after items were processed, tagged and reboxed.

The Solution

GDC provided white glove hardware deployment services, including asset tagging, digital inventory tracking, and delivery of hardware to complement the district’s roll out dates to assign devices to students for the upcoming school year.

Carlisle Process Flow Steps 1-8
  1. GDC’s white glove solution allowed the Carlisle Area School District to purchase devices directly from GDC or have devices purchased from a third party.
  2. Apple iPads, iPad cases, and 2-in-1 notebooks were shipped to the GDC Depot Facility for processing.
  3. Carlisle was notified of delivery.
  4. Items were unboxed and inventoried.
  5. Asset tags provided by Carlisle were scanned and applied to the devices with the serial number.
  6. Service tag data recorded to generate a digital file for current IT staff to import into an existing imaging and distribution process.
  7. Items were inventoried, re-boxed, and palletized.
  8. GDC personally delivered the shipment on the scheduled date and time requested. Delivery included a personal GDC hand off the shipments to the district at the receiving dock and, when requested, inside delivery was provided to the specified internal location.

The Results

The Carlisle Area School District received device hardware deliveries for approximately 450 2-in-1 devices and 1,300 Apple iPads with cases installed. With GDC’s ability to update key stakeholders throughout the white-glove hardware deployment service, the client was able to worry less about missing, delayed, or lost packages, and the hassle of coordinating shipments. Carlisle was notified each step of the way – when the shipments arrived at our facility, the status of the asset tagging process, and when the devices would be ready to schedule delivery on-site. The Depot Manager was always available to address the client’s needs. The process also provided Carlisle with additional IT resources over a short duration of time to offset the labor needed to receive an influx of devices for the school year. With GDC’s help, internal IT staff had the freedom to focus on higher priority tasks for the coming school year.

I consider GDC’s White Glove Support a force multiplier. The service takes time consuming errands off my technicians’ tasks lists and keeps them focused on the critical responsibilities that need accomplished throughout the district. Additionally, GDC’s team is friendly, professional and an overall pleasure to work with.

Jeff Friend

Director of Technology, Carlisle Area School District

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