CCM & GDC Utilize Sitecore XP to Launch Roofing Industry to New Heights (PDF)

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As a trusted CCM vendor and authorized Sitecore Partner, GDC was the ideal IT Solutions provider to implement Sitecore XP.

As a leader in the construction materials industry, Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) wanted to re-engineer their two largest brand websites, Carlisle SynTec and Versico Roofing Systems, from a 10-year-old platform to Sitecore XP. The vision for the implementation set to improve the lives of those in charge of maintaining site content and marketing tools by reducing the amount of dependencies on the development team, which with careful planning, ended up being a key win for the solution.

GDC’s Sitecore-certified resources were able to work with CCM to bring two best-in-class websites to the marketplace. Leveraging Sitecore XP and other technologies, the team collaborated to greatly improve CX through a simplistic and intuitive design, along with architecture and back-end design that allowed for significant performance enhancements. The implementation also simplified maintenance of site content and marketing tools by reducing the amount of dependencies on the CCM’s marketing and development teams.

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