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Justin Baer, Director of Project Management
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Does your organization have technical projects in the pipeline? Does your technical team have too much on their plate? Does it struggle completing projects in a timely manner? Do those projects lack direction or are getting burned by scope creep? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider employing a Product Owner for your projects.

With the increasing emphasis placed on the successful completion of technical projects, support business needs, create efficiencies, businesses are increasingly more reliant on technology to operate. A Product Owner is a, critical, but often-overlooked role for a technical project. At its core, the role of a Product Owner involves representing the interests of both internal and external stakeholders then translating their interests into actionable tasks for the project team. This is a complex job that demands a combination of technical knowledge, communication skills, and an understanding of the business.

What Makes a Strong Product Owner

Manage the Product Backlog

One of the primary responsibilities of a Product Owner is to create and manage the product backlog. The backlog is a dynamic list of features, enhancements, and fixes that need attention, and it serves as the work instructions for the project team. Through continuous refinement and prioritization, the Product Owner ensures that the team is taking on the most valuable work at any given time.

Communicating the Product Vision

Furthermore, the Product Owner plays a crucial role in defining and communicating the product vision. This involves understanding the market, customer needs, business objectives, and distilling this information into a clear and compelling vision that guides the project team. Without a strong and cohesive vision, technical projects may suffer from scope creep, misalignment with business objectives, and a lack of clear direction.

Product and Industry Knowledge

A key quality of a strong Product Owner is their knowledge of the product, which is gained through years of experience working with it or on something similar. This intimate knowledge allows them to have insightful discussions and, at times, act as an advocate to all parties involved in its development; the stakeholders, development team, or the product itself.


Effective communication is essential to convey requirements, expectations, and progress updates. Product Owners act as a conduit between various stakeholders, including customers, business leaders, and the project team. They must be skilled at managing competing interests and facilitating discussions that lead to informed decisions. This collaborative aspect is particularly crucial in Agile projects, where continuous feedback and adaptation are vital to success.

Maintaining Balance

The Product Owner is responsible for maintaining a balance between short-term deliverables and long-term goals. While the project team focuses on completing short-term tasks within a given timeframe, the Product Owner must have a strategic perspective, ensuring that the project team’s tasks are contributing to the overall success. This involves strategic backlog grooming, where the Product Owner reviews and adjusts the backlog to reflect changing priorities, market conditions, or business goals. By maintaining this balance, the Product Owner helps prevent tunnel vision and ensures that the project remains aligned with broader business objectives.

Considering the End-User

Moreover, the Product Owner serves as the voice of the customer. This entails understanding user needs, preferences, and pain points and translating them into actionable user stories and acceptance criteria. By considering end-users, the Product Owner can guide the team in developing solutions that truly meet customer expectations. This customer-centric approach is fundamental to the success of technical projects, as products that resonate with users are more likely to achieve long-term success in the market.


The iterative nature of Agile development places a premium on adaptability, and the Product Owner embodies this quality. As the project progresses, new information emerges, market conditions change, and priorities shift. The Product Owner must be agile in responding to these changes, adjusting the backlog, and reprioritizing tasks accordingly. This ability to adapt ensures that the project remains responsive to evolving circumstances, maximizing its chances of success in a dynamic business environment.

Why Organizations Should Consider Hiring a Product Owner

Businesses struggling with project execution and outcomes could all greatly benefit from the value a strong Product Owner brings to the table. Product owners will ensure that your investment in undertaking a project is met with ample return through their diligence, determination, and business acumen. Businesses that choose to utilize a Product Owner for their projects will experience a noticeable impact on nearly every measurable aspect of projects. On top of the measurable impacts, team members will feel more valued and will have a much greater sense of direction. Likewise, stakeholders will see that their voices are being heard and that project deliverables are much more aligned with the needs of the business.

Make Informed Decisions Faster

With a Product Owner on your side, your organization will be able to arrive at informed decisions faster, allowing your project teams to continue working on critical path items instead of finding things to do until decisions are made. A skilled Product Owner will bring relevant information to the table that allows organizations to understand the question and act on it in a timely manner. They will also diligently follow up with the business and provide any necessary clarification that the business needs to proceed with making critical decisions. All of this is a big boost to efficiency and being able to complete more projects on schedule, not having been delayed or stalled while impactful decisions are considered and made.

Increased Productivity

With the Product Owner being acutely aware of the needs of the business, its customers, and the direction of the project, the Product Owner will ensure that the project teams are focusing their time on important items. The Product Owner will continually prioritize the backlog of work slated for the team, to make sure that the high value items are the primary focus of the development team. By ensuring the project team is focusing on important work, your organization’s projects will adhere much closer to the timelines and will deliver what they need to be considered a huge success.

Have an Advocate

The Product Owner will facilitate feedback loops with stakeholders and end users of the product. Gathering feedback early and often allows the project team to adapt the product to changing business needs. This translates to higher stakeholder satisfaction and project deliverables that are aligned with the actual needs of the business and the product’s users. Stakeholders and end users will also feel like their voices are being heard. The marquee result of all of this is a project or projects that can be looked at and considered successful by everyone involved. That goes for both the execution of the project and its final deliverables that everyone at your organization has been waiting for.

Improve Product Quality

Employing a skilled and engaged Product Owner on your projects translates into considerably improved project deliverables. The Product Owner will understand the needs of the business, can translate those into clear requirements, and can speak intelligently to both the business and project teams. They can also provide timely and insightful feedback to both groups. All to say that a strong Product Owner greatly helps the project team deliver solutions that exceed the business and end user’s expectations.

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