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GDC Provides Server Migration and Updates to Aging ETL Structure

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Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Chambersburg, PA

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Founded in 1857, TB Wood’s has grown to become a global leader in the design and manufacturer of industrial couplings and belted drive solutions. TB Wood’s coupling products including, Sure-Flex Plus® and Dura-Flex® elastomeric couplings, Form-Flex® disc couplings, G-Flex grid couplings, and Jaw couplings, represent the latest in coupling technology, featuring superior design and exceptional quality to ensure long-lasting performance. TB Wood’s products are sold through authorized distributors to end users and to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Business Need

TB Wood’s sought to replace an outdated and unsupported ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) structure to streamline daily operations. They also wanted their new system to enhance their operational efficiency and foster innovation. They were operating with data tools and software that lacked cohesive functionality, hindering maintenance efforts, and prohibiting any modifications or new feature requests. As a result, their ability to process and analyze data remained stagnant and disconnected with their ambitions to explore new standards and opportunities.

The server(s) supporting the current ETL processes were past end-of-life support, and thus a complete migration path to current, in-compliance standards was required. Due to old and outdated ETL processes, many of their business-critical applications and reports needed to be assessed and updated.

The Solution

GDC collaborated with TB Wood’s to deliver a robust migration plan for TB Wood’s’ existing server(s). GDC also worked with TB Wood’s to design, develop, and implement an entirely new ETL process and structure for their data warehouse. This required a a thorough examination of TB Wood’s’ existing structure and processes in the absence of the original implementors, who were no longer available for assistance.

After the discovery process, GDC used their industry knowledge and expertise to suggest several improvements to TB Wood’s’ current data storage and ELT methods. This made it easier to move all the database processes and storage to a modern platform utilizing a foundation of modern technology. These modifications resulted in a more seamless and efficient ETL process, reducing overhead and simplifying maintenance and development efforts moving forward.

GDC introduced a multi-phased migration method to mitigate compatibility issues when designing a suitable migration path for TB Wood’s. Using this approach, the data warehouse was migrated incrementally between SQL Server versions ensuring no loss of data. This incremental method allowed GDC to simultaneously evaluate all data-dependent applications and reports to detect issues and/or anomalies as they arose.

By utilizing modernized ETL tools from SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), GDC developed reusable components to replace the myriad DTS packages driving the prior ETL process. This would simplify the daily server load and maximize efficiency. As a result, maintenance efforts were significantly decreased, allowing any future modifications or new features to be designed and deployed with greater speed and effectiveness.

GDC worked with TB Wood’s to analyze and address their business-critical reporting needs, paying attention to identifying potential enhancements to maximize their analytical value. GDC proposed a complete rebuild of the entire existing reporting structure into the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) platform. Distribution groups were established for automated recurring report delivery, thus eliminating many manual processes, and increasing efficiency across the environment.

TB Wood's ETL Diagram Flow with Icons and Step Process
  • Extraction: Batch files acquire data from the source and stores the acquired data into the staging tables.
  • Staging Tables: The SSIS packages run off the views and transforms the files before transfer. The reports acquire from the staging tables.
  • ETL Packages: The ETL Packages transfer the data from staging to reporting and the LAD processes, breaking down if needed.
  • Reporting Tables: The Reports acquire data from the reporting tables.

The Results

TB Wood’s server migration was successfully completed with new features and updates implemented across the environment. The new ETL process is more streamlined and operates on current technologies. By creating an entirely new reporting structure through SSRS, TB Wood’s can now create, update, and deliver data effectively, without the need for external resources or development.

In summation, GDC worked as a team to analyze, discover, design, and deliver TB Wood’s the necessary server migration that they can build and grow from. With continued support there is ample room to grow their data across other platforms and continue to innovate their business with other technologies.

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