GDC Becomes a Certified Reseller in the Adobe Connection Reseller Program

GDC Approved to Distribute and Sell Adobe Digital Media Products and Solutions

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania – July 27, 2021

Global Data Consultants, LLC (GDC), a leading provider in technology solutions, today announces membership in the Adobe Connection Reseller Program as a Certified Reseller.

Adobe Certified Reseller: Adobe Connection Program

As one of the largest and most diversified software companies in the world, Adobe enables everyone — including students, creative artists, small businesses, government agencies, and the largest global brands — to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

The Adobe Connection Reseller Program is designed for resellers who focus primarily on software licensing sales to commercial, government, and education customers. Four levels of membership allow resellers to engage with Adobe at a level representing their organization’s resources, areas of specialty, and commitment to the Adobe relationship.

Adobe offers two unique programs for reseller and retail partners in the US and Canada. Four levels of membership allow you to engage with Adobe at a level representing your organization’s resources, areas of specialty, and commitment to the Adobe relationship. 

  • Registered: Basic membership. Simple online enrollment provides access to the TLP program.
  • Certified: Requires an additional application process for access to VIP, CLP, and Specializations.
  • Gold: Adds revenue and other business commitments in exchange for access to the Deal Registration Incentive.
  • Platinum: Requires the highest revenue and business commitments in exchange for the highest level of benefits.

“Adobe Connection Reseller Program delivers the tools, resources, and the expertise our company needs to implement Adobe products and solutions for our customers. Partnering with Adobe affords GDC the ability to create new markets and promote our business services and solutions to our customers worldwide.,” said Jeff Sauve, Vice President of Business Development. “As a Certified Reseller, GDC is approved to distribute and sell Adobe digital media products and solutions. We can harness the digital experience of Adobe and leverage the advantages of the partner program for our clients.”

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