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GDC Implements Custom Power BI Document for Franklin County Non-Profit Organization

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Industry: Human Services
Headquarters: Chambersburg, PA

Folium Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to serving individuals experiencing adversity through easing adversity and inspiring growth. They provide specialized services delivered by dedicated professionals with expertise in brain-based resiliency, trauma-informed care, and evidence-based practices. Folium, Inc. is the parent corporation for the business divisions and trade names that form our network of specialized services.

Business Need

Folium was looking for an easier way to quickly visualize and automate reoccurring calculations of the data that they regularly needed for their operations.

Folium provides a network of specialized services and reporting to support schools, individuals, and families. Each unique service requires its own type and frequency of documentaiton. As a result, Folium had hundreds of document files that were updated daily by individual users and different departments within Excel and SharePoint.

All their data was manually recorded and calculated to track to provide their team and clients with results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

They had chosen to use Power BI to handle these needs but didn’t have the Power BI knowledge to handle the requirements needed for a PBI project or time to condense the files within SharePoint for quicker and easier organization.

GDC was selected by Folium to handle their project’s needs because of the team’s knowledge and experience with both SharePoint and the Power BI platform.

The Solution

The solution for this project was to create new SharePoint files that would be centralized files for team members to input key metrics and cut down on the abundance of individual files. From there all key files from multiple departments were connected to a Power BI document to provide users with the ability to host key data in a centralized location.

By using Power BI, data that was tracked by individual departments can now be visualized by their upper management team in one location and allow team members to visualize their team’s up-to-date data without waiting for another user to update metrics and provide an updated file.

By utilizing Power BI, GDC was able to create visuals to display the company’s key metrics, cut down on time users spent manually gathering and calculating data, and provide a template for management to share with their clients that displayed the impact that their services provided to their clients.

The Results

The project culminated in the successful creation of a highly tailored Power BI document that not only met but surpassed the client’s expectations. The final product delivered exceptional value and performance, setting a new benchmark for Folium’s data analysis and reporting capabilities.

Through this implementation of Power BI, automated daily updates are now in place, ensuring the consistent calculation of essential metric data. This ensures data accuracy and also grants invaluable time back to the team.

Furthermore, as a direct outcome of these enhancements, Folium team members now enjoy unfettered access to real-time information. This newfound accessibility empowers them to swiftly sift through data, tailoring their queries to generate precise, individualized results. This newfound efficiency not only amplifies productivity but also ensures the availability of more precise and timely information whenever it is needed.

Through the strategic partnership with GDC on this project, Folium seamlessly channeled their resources and attention towards their daily responsibilities, secure in the knowledge that the dedicated GDC team was diligently working to integrate the client’s requirements, preferences, and Power BI best practices into a centralized platform.
This collaborative effort allowed Folium to maintain uninterrupted focus on their core tasks while entrusting the project’s execution to GDC’s capable team dedicated to delivering a comprehensive solution.

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What would have taken us months to complete, GDC’s team accomplished in 12 weeks.

We were amazed how quickly Alex and his team were able to understand our project goals during the discovery phase of the project.

With GDC’s help, we now have access to real time operations outputs and outcomes at the “click of a mouse.”

Bruce Hamm, II
Director of Mission Support Services
Folium, Inc.

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