GDC Becomes a SonicWall SecureFirst Partner

GDC Announces Strategic Partnership with SonicWall to Enhance Cybersecurity Offerings and Safeguard Client Businesses

Chambersburg, PA – December 8, 2022

SonicWall SecureFirst Partner SF Shaking Hands

GDC IT Solutions (GDC), a premier provider of innovative technology and IT solutions, proudly announces a new partnership with SonicWall, stepping into an alliance as a SecureFirst partner. This collaboration is set to expand GDC’s comprehensive suite of security solutions, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding client businesses against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

In an era where cyberattacks such as ransomware and spear phishing are becoming more advanced, our partnership with SonicWall enables us to bolster our defenses and continue delivering innovative solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clients. SonicWall, renowned for its exhaustive security solutions, offers products spanning various domains:

  • Network Security: Includes Next-Generation Firewalls, Security Services, and Network Security Manager.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Features Capture ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) and Capture Security Appliance.
  • Access Security: Comprises Switches, Wireless Access Points, Secure Mobile Access, and Cloud Edge Secure Access.
  • Email Security: Guards against today’s advanced email threats.
  • Cloud Security: Provides Cloud App Security and Cloud Firewall NSv.
  • Endpoint Security: Includes Capture Client and Content Filtering Client.

SonicWall’s approach to delivering Boundless Cybersecurity is designed for the hyper-distributed era, ensuring seamless protection for enterprises, governments, and SMBs (Small and Medium Business) across the globe. This approach not only secures remote and mobile environments but also enhances operational visibility and reduces security costs.

Our new partnership with SonicWall further strengthens our ability to offer advanced, integrated cybersecurity solutions to our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of IT security in today’s challenging business landscape.

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