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Streamline Operations and Improve Customer Experience by Expanding Service Desk Coverage

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Companies with reliable and efficient information technology (IT) service desks understand the challenges of handling high workloads. Because help desks often serve the needs of internal employees and external customers, disruptions can cause complications ranging from network malfunctions to slow response times to unhappy clients. Many of these issues can snowball into more significant problems, like employee burnout and drops in sales.

When problems like these start to pile up, businesses must consider a practical solution to help streamline their operations. Learn how to identify when it’s time to expand a service desk to provide 24/7 coverage.

Signs a Business Needs to Expand Its Service Desk Coverage

A fast-growing business can put significant pressure on its help desk. When a company offers new products or services, grows its customer base, or expands with new branches, its help desk might struggle to manage everyday tasks, like resolving technical issues or handling higher call volumes. Problems like these add up in time and begin to take their toll on an organization’s production.

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Businesses must remain proactive and look for signs that their help desks need to offer more support. Several of these signs include:

  • Extended wait times and a lack of support when users need it.
  • Delays when responding to customer inquiries.
  • Missed sales opportunities.
  • Internal teams spending too much time on lower-level issues.
  • An inability for users to perform their daily tasks efficiently because of IT malfunctions.
  • A lack of effective troubleshooting.

Challenges of Staffing a Service Desk Internally

Staffing a help desk to handle operations 24/7 requires much more than adding one or two extra employees. Depending on the requirements, expansion could involve doubling or tripling an IT department to ensure there’s help available around the clock.

A typical 24-hour help desk requires five people at a minimum to provide the coverage to operate seven days a week. This estimate does not include backup options when someone requests a day off or calls in sick.

Recruiting and onboarding can pose significant hurdles when staffing an internal service desk. Finding qualified candidates can strain an organization’s human resources department, and training may require an expanded staff. If new hires have a high turnover rate, problems compound even more because there’s no return on the time and money invested.

Rather than dealing with these consequences and sacrificing efficiency and production, companies can turn to a 24/7 outsourced desk from an established service provider.

How a 24/7 Outsourced Service Desk Can Benefit an Organization

Trusting a company like GDC to help manage a service desk enables an organization to receive the help it needs to operate around the clock. When a business outsources its service desk requirements to us, it can benefit from:

  • Cost savings: Outsourced IT saves operations money by allowing them to avoid paying the full-time salaries of additional staff. Outsourcing also eliminates the need to onboard and train new employees.
  • Improved productivity: An outsourced service desk allows existing IT employees to focus on critical tasks rather than spending time on repetitive or minor issues. Outsourcing also eliminates the responsibilities of managing an entire staff 24/7.
  • Top-class customer support: Choosing an experienced company like GDC gives organizations access to the market’s most skilled and knowledgeable support staff. This advantage minimizes the hours of training that come with onboarding new staff.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers will enjoy improved response times with fewer disruptions, leading to increased sales and higher retention rates.
  • Maximum dependability: When you choose GDC for service desk support, you always get the help you need without worrying about your internal team missing work.
  • Operational flexibility: Outsourcing allows a company to scale up or down based on its workflow or growth. This scalability is a significant advantage for businesses that experience seasonal or fluctuating service demands.
  • Multilingual communication: GDC is a 100% United States-based company made up of U.S. citizens, offering a regional workforce with multichannel, multilingual capabilities around the clock.
  • Advanced technology: Choosing GDC means a company’s service desk will have access to some of the industry’s latest technology, streamlining operations by addressing internal and external needs faster and more efficiently.

Trust GDC to Expand Your Service Desk Coverage

If you’re looking to streamline your IT operations with expertly managed solutions, GDC is the answer. By choosing our outsourced service desk services, you minimize the strains that a fast-growing business can put on your IT department. We specialize in delivering customized solutions to a broad range of organizations, regardless of size or type.

Connect with our professionals online today to request a quote or schedule a free consultation.

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