GDC Becomes an Authorized Securly Partner to Address K-12 Student Safety

Securly Helps Keep Schools Safe Across the Globe

Chambersburg, PA – July 13, 2022

SecurlyGDC IT Solutions (GDC), a leading provider in technology solutions, announced that it has officially become an authorized partner with Securly, a technology company that provides cloud-based student safety and device management solutions that cater to both in-person and remote learning.

Keeping learning environments safe has become much more of a challenge as technology expands more into the classroom and a child’s daily life. School districts started with web filtering and blocking designed to protect students from exposure to explicit content. Unified threat management (UTM) solutions that consolidated multiple security and networking functions in a single device or service on the network, provided even more protection from increasing threats.

But as 1:1 device and BYOD initiatives take hold in schools and resources increasingly move to the cloud; K-12 network administrators face new challenges. Since 2016, there have been nearly 500 cybersecurity-related incidents involving public schools.

Cyberbullying is on the rise as well, with 59% of students reporting that they have been bullied or harassed online. Such incidents will only continue to become more prevalent.

Securly develops solutions that keep kids safe and engaged online, at school, and at home. From tools that help adults create a kid-friendlier Internet to an AI that recognizes signs of bullying and even intuits risks of self-harm, these innovative tools meet modern problems head-on.

“With the ever-increasing threats to our schools and students, GDC’s partnership with Securly allows us to provide assistance with student safety, student wellness, student engagement and technology support,” said Jeff Sauve’, Vice President of Business Development. “Securly’s comprehensive platform helps keeps students safe online and at school, allowing them to stay focused and engaged in their learning environment.”

The company’s platform pairs its tools that address four main categories:

Student Safety

  • Filtering: Deliver a safer, more educational web anywhere and on any device.
  • Aware: Safeguard students against self-harm, suicide, bullying, and violence.
  • Visitor: Streamline guest check-in, validate identities, and keep your campus safe.

Student Wellness

  • Aware: Know which students are struggling, provide potentially life-saving interventions, and manage cases effectively.
  • 24: Gain human-supported analysis of flagged activity notifications round the clock and escalated response.

Student Engagement

  • Classroom: Gain human-supported analysis of flagged activity notifications round the clock and escalated response.
  • Home: Give parents/caregivers more control and opportunities to get involved in their kids’ learning.


  • MDM: Give parents/caregivers more control and opportunities to get involved in their kids’ learning.
  • Reveal: Uncover student app usage insights to make smarter edtech decisions.

Securly utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) designed to detect cyberbullying, self-harm, depression, violence, and other threat factors through search engine and social media analyzation. Once activity has been flagged, delegated reporting and alerts notify building-level administrators within seconds when a student is at risk.

“We are so excited to partner with GDC and help students reach their full potential with the power of technology” said AJ Tedesco, VP of Channel at Securly. “Working together, we can reach more students, drive better student outcomes, and ultimately, more students’ lives can be saved from the dangers posed online.”

Overall, Securly simplifies device management through scalable solutions for school districts nationwide. This efficient model allows greater insight for administrators, educators, and communities to create safer learning environments in a digitally driven age. To date, these tools have served over 15,000 schools and analyzed over five billion activities, saving what Securly estimates as over 1,500 lives.

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About Securly, Inc.

Securly is the only whole-student success platform for K-12. Securly supports educators with their student safety, wellness, and engagement initiatives. Securly’s safety offerings help students feel safe and supported, while Securly’s wellness solutions support students’ mental and emotional health through AI-powered monitoring that identifies bullying, self-harm, violence, and human-supported analysis of concerning activity by a team of specialists. In parallel, Securly’s engagement offerings help students reach their full potential through their classroom management product, which enables teachers to keep kids focused and productive, and their parent engagement solution, which facilitates caregiver involvement in their students’ learning and online life.

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