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Information technology is the backbone of modern business. It allows companies to deliver on their missions, leverage their information, and gain a competitive advantage. Only some businesses find it feasible to build an in-house team capable of supporting fast growth, especially for small and midsize organizations. Providers like GDC offer IT managed services solutions to provide IT support.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are a method for partnering with a third-party expert for technical, application, and infrastructure support. Companies use managed services providers (MSPs) to fill in gaps in their existing IT environments and access subject matter expertise.

Managed service offerings cover various IT support operations, from security to data backups and help desk services. Organizations receive numerous benefits from outsourcing their IT to specialists, including:

Solutions Compass Concept
  • Value with fixed monthly fees.
  • Scalability.
  • Access to advanced technology without ownership costs.
  • Lower upfront IT investments.
  • An in-house team who can focus on other initiatives.
  • Proactive approaches rather than reactive ones.
  • Reduced downtime risk.
  • Rapid response and issue resolution.

If you’re looking to minimize your IT responsibilities with expert managed IT services, GDC is your solution. We specialize in providing tailored IT solutions for small businesses, enterprises, government agencies, and everything between.

6 Types of Managed IT Services Crucial for Modern Businesses

While many types of managed services exist, these six are common among experienced MSPs.

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Help Desk Support

Whether it’s a simple password reset or a more significant issue, end users need help desk agents they can count on to resolve the problem. MSPs are a primary point of contact to remediate issues and promote productivity for all IT support requests.

At GDC, we use a three-level approach to help desk support services combined with multiple communication methods. Our team can also be an extension of an in-house department, with supplemental, overflow, and after-hours support.

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Data Backup and Business Continuity

Every organization needs a robust data backup plan to ensure information accessibility and integrity for continuing operations. In some industries, such as financial services, regulatory agencies may require an established program and regular testing. An experienced MSP generally offers basic and advanced services for extended peace of mind.

GDC’s data backup and business continuity services provide the confidence you need. We can create a custom strategy to protect and preserve critical business information. Additionally, our experts can help organizations determine their backup needs and frequency.

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Infrastructure and Networking Support

Infrastructure includes a business’s entire technology footprint, from hardware to applications, and the network connecting them all. Each must function at peak performance to support everyday operations.

Common MSP offerings under this category include creating and maintaining firewalls, local area networks, and servers. MSPs may also assist with remote monitoring and data backups as part of these services.

Partnering with GDC as your MSP gives your company access to our complete infrastructure and networking support services. We have a team of certified networking professionals to plan, design, implement, and maintain robust connectivity.

Blue Bullet Tip Number 4

Cloud Services

Today’s companies rely heavily on cloud-based solutions as workforces are more remote, and growth happens quickly. Cloud-based services from an MSP ensure secure access, monitor the environment, and protect data. Plus, they scale quickly and efficiently to help support changing demands.

GDC is a trusted MSP partner for cloud-based solutions. We can include them with our service agreements and help you migrate or create a hybrid environment.

Blue Bullet Tip Number 5

Security Threat Management

Keeping networks and systems safe from bad actors is a 24/7/365 job. In 2022, ransomware attacks grew by 41%, with an average cost of over $4 million. Email-based attacks like phishing rose by 48% in the first six months of 2022, with a 150% rise in attacks year-over-year.

Proactive security threat management is crucial to hardening defenses. GDC experts monitor systems and networks around the clock with tools to detect, respond to, and eliminate threats. Ask us about providing certified KnowBe4 training to raise security awareness for end users, who represent the first defense.

Blue Bullet Tip Number 6

Data Analytics

Modern MSP offerings go beyond simple data management support. Expert partners provide managed data analytics solutions to help businesses make the most of the information they’ve collected. As a result of adding these services, companies gain actionable insights while accessing the latest analytics technology.

GDC’s business intelligence (BI) and analytics services provide a scalable and cost-effective way to spot opportunities and outperform their competition. Our teams are qualified to build on numerous platforms and leverage the tools you have in place. GDC experts can also design and maintain a customized BI solution centered on your key metrics and supporting data-driven decision-making.

Choose GDC for Expert Managed IT Services

Our team boasts almost 30 years of experience creating and delivering practical IT solutions, including managed IT services. We don’t have standard offerings — we work with our customers to understand their unique needs and custom-design a strategy to meet them.

Contact us online or get in touch with a GDC specialist at 866-966-4562.

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